Praktijk Hoek Melkweg - Studentenhulpverlening

Because of the measures concerning the Coronavirus our lives have changed drastically in a short time. Our auto-pilot no longer brings us to familiar locations. Instead, we suddenly find ourselves in a situation in which live moves way slower than it normally does. We are no longer able to party our problems away, or to lose ourselves in the library or gym. We are condemned to Netflix, hanging on the couch, and attentively following press conferences. As a result of this difference in daily patterns we are forced to wake up. With this increased awareness comes a stronger feeling of disquiet. Just the dangers of the coronavirus for family, friends and yourself brings up enough of this already.


Aside from that, feelings of fear, anger and sadness, that never had enough time and space to come to the forefront during our pre-corona life, take this period to surface. Additionally we become more aware that there are less things to hold on to. The, before, clearly marked path of our future is no longer as clear as we thought.


Because of all this, we understand that this can be a difficult time for you. Because of that you are, especially in these uncertain times, most welcome at our practise. Through the secured program ‘KPN Zorg Messenger’ we hope to still support and guide you through these unclear waters. This video call program can also be used for the informative consult. Please feel free to apply by clicking the button below.



Terentius, 2nd century BC