Praktijk Hoek Melkweg - Studentenhulpverlening

During an internship you have to deal with a lot of pressure in a very short time.
In the first place you have to learn to deal with the rules of your work location. At the same time you have to get to know the people you work with, people from all layers of the organisation: managers, colleagues, other trainees, personnel, clients or patients.


Everybody starting a new job is faced with these difficulties.

As an intern you have the added pressure of being observed and receiving feedback. During this short period of time you have to show that you are able to apply the knowledge you have acquired. At the same time you are in training and you have to learn from your mistakes. An internship is a difficult work situation at a vulnerable time in your life. Insecurity and a lack of social skills can really be a problem in this period.


Do you dread your internship? Do you encounter problems during your internship? Then maybe it would be useful to have a training to help you deal with these things.


During the training you practice some basic skills with each other. You receive support and feedback from other members of the group. You learn to apply your qualities and how to deal with your lesser qualities.



  • 6 - 8 participants
  • 6 meetings of 2 hours each
  • start when enough participants