Praktijk Hoek Melkweg - Studentenhulpverlening

Carla Engelsman After many years of working as a nurse and sociologist, I have become a gestalt therapist in 2004.


I have a practice for psychotherapy, systemic work and coaching and I counsel professionals in health organisations with ‘communicating with attention’.


My practice is called Ground under my Feet (Grond onder mijn Voeten). Ground is the basis of our existence. Often we can translate problems or (life) questions into: missing the ground under our feet, being out of balance or loosing grip.


The gestalt therapy and coaching that I give can be of worth to people who:

  • Want to learn how to deal better with emotions like fear, anger, insecurity
  • Want to get to know themselves better
  • Want to give more purpose to their work or relationship(s)
  • Have a need to process
  • Want to make better contacts
  • Want to make choices
  • Want more security in their work
  • Want to take responsibility


  • People with a chronic physical illness and/or the people close to them
  • People with cancer (or people who had cancer) and/or the people close to them
  • Partners or children of (young) people with dementia
  • People who work in healthcare systems, education or welfare
  • People older than 50