Praktijk Hoek Melkweg - Studentenhulpverlening

magdalenaMy internship for the Master Clinical Psychology at the University of Groningen, I did at Praktijk Hoek Melkweg (PHM), in the beginning of 2018. After I graduated from my study, I immediately became a member of team PHM. I started my work at PHM with a lot of enthousiasm and inspiration. Every day since I keep on fascinating myself with how special and unique every client is.


Next to my scientific education I am also actively developing myself presonally and spiritually.

I have been a buddhist my whole life and meditate daily. Next to it, I have completed many workshops and courses in the field of relationships, family systems therapy, family constellations and living from your femininity. I have also been working as a trainer in communciation skills with medical students for 3 years during my studies. The knowledge and skills I have acquired I am actively applying in my work as a psychologist. Next to my master in Clinical Psychology I also have a master degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at the Univeristy of Utrecht.


My goal is to help people discover their potential and find their unique ways to express it. Each person is structured differently, therefore using the same approach with everyone is seldom likely to work. I am working from the existential phenomenological approach and Gestalt psychology, but also use techniques from other psychological approaches as exposure and pratical planning, depending on the needs of the client.


I am originally coming from Bulgaria but live already 10 years in the Netherlands. Therapy I do in Dutch, English and Bulgarian, if needed.